The Oster Juice-and-Serve


Here at Juicerhead, we support juicing in all of its various forms. And more generally, we support a healthy lifestyle above all else. Juicing is often viewed as a sophisticated behavior, but we just think that it’s a smart move. Some juicing purists will explain to you that masticating juicers are the only way to go, or cold pressed juice is the only way to go, or that all produce should first be bathed in water imported from France.

But exclusivity isn’t the point of juicing. That’s why today we’re reviewing a good old fashioned citrus juicer. For many people, a fresh squeezed glass of orange juice or lemonade may be the closest that they come to experiencing juicing – but they’ll still be healthier for it! PLus the familiarity of a citrus juicer can be a great gift if you’re trying to get a cautious friend or loved to catch the juicing bug.

Appearance and Build

This model from Oster is simple and solid. It’s made almost exclusively from plastic parts. This makes it lightweight, and it also makes it easy to pour out of – one of its main features. The Oster isn’t particularly flashy to look at – no chrome parts or blinking indicators are to be found on its surface.


One of the great things about the Oster is that you can use it to juice citrus, and then pour the juice directly from the pitcher that doubles as its juice catcher. This simplifies cleanup and is a nifty little brunch party trick as well. This juicer separates pulp and seeds from the end product juice, and it’s even relatively quiet by citrus juicer standards.