The Samson Green Power Twin Gear Juicer


Today we’re having a look at a two gear masticating juicer from Samson. Masticating juicers tend to be a bit more unwieldy and are often more expensive. But they also offer some distinct advantages over centrifugal juicers, both in terms of end product and versatility of use. Besides juicing produce, many masticating juicers can fulfill a range of other tasks, such as making nut butter and pasta. The Samson boasts some of these additional features.

Build Quality and Appearance

Its bland white construction and cartoonish brand label make this machine look a bit like a children’s toy. But don’t be fooled – once you turn it on, the Green Power is very much a healthy adult’s playground. Although it’s sort of clunky, this juicer has a handgrip on its top which aids movement. It also has a relatively small footprint by masticating juicer standards.


Three different juicing screens mean that’ll you’ll have the ability to juice wheatgrass, hard vegetables, pulpy fruit and grains effectively. All you have to do is switch which filter is in the machine, an easy task. This juicer is quite quiet. If you’re coming from previous experience with a centrifugal juicer, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised, as this machine is quiet even by masticating juicer standards. Yield and functionality are on par with what you’d expect from a machine this expensive and versatile. The only real obstacle to buying this juicer involves your budget, not its features. Still, if you’re a passionate juicing enthusiast this machine offers enough in versatility to be worth the extra money.