The Truth About Juicing


Juicing has been praised, then demonized, then praised again, then blasted in the media in recent years. Anyone that tries to follow the media’s view on health knows that the general consensus can shift so often that the trail looks like a roller coaster track, but this goes double for juicing. With so much confusion, what’s to be believed?

It is important to take every story with a grain of salt. Consider all of the facts and figure out who is telling the story and who is benefitting-or being harmed- by it. Then really consider what is being said as a whole, not just the click-bait headline. Doing this will help you to find a little more objective advice that is based on facts and not just opinions.

Juice as a Miracle Cure

The biggest sensation in the juicing world occurred about five years ago with the introduction of the film “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” This story followed the path of Joe Cross, an overweight businessman that had the time and money to travel across the U.S. consuming nothing but fresh juices for a few months. This lifestyle worked wonders for Joe, transforming his body and allowing him to experience robust good health like never before. He shared his miracle cure with the world via the film and with several others directly.

Will Not Work for Everyone

In spite of Joe’s good luck with juicing, an all-juice diet is not right for everyone. Busy people that do not have the time to spend making sure that they receive every single necessary nutrient may suffer after drinking only juices. To successfully switch to an all-juice diet, even for just a few days, you must do some research and make sure that you have a well-rounder rasher of ingredients that will see you through. Most people benefit more from supplementing an already healthy diet with juices, rather than juice “fasting.”