These 3 Juices Will Provide Superior Hydration This Summer

Staying hydrated during the heat of summer can be challenging, but is essential to good health. While copious amounts of water should be consumed, these juices can supplement your water intake and help you stay hydrated. The electrolytes in the juices may help you cells to better absorb the liquids, which can also help to keep you better hydrated.

Watermelon Twist

Glass of watermelon smoothie on a wooden table. Selective focus

Watermelon and cucumber are some of nature’s best hydrators and they both come together to keep you healthy in this juice. Two full cups of watermelon make this juice deliciously sweet. A bit of lemon juice adds bite, spinach ups the nutritional content, and mint leaves make for a delightful aftertaste. Juice all of the ingredients together and enjoy.

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