These 3 Tasty Juices Make the Most of Spring’s Favorite Berry

Spring is upon us and that means strawberry season! Strawberries become copious at this time of year because California and Florida are both producing. Over the next few months, even more states will be able to produce strawberries, so you can expect rock bottom prices and some of the sweetest strawberries to become available. For juicerheads, of course this means plenty of strawberry juices!

Tangy Berry Juice

straw orange ginger juice

This juice combines the sweeter flavors of apple, strawberries, and carrots with a big piece of tangy ginger. The juice comes out with a gorgeous orange red color and a mellow and palatable flavor. Drink this juice in the morning for a burst of energy and a hearty helping of vitamin C.

Sweet Red Refresher

straw pear cuke

Pear and strawberry isn’t the most likely combination, but creates a super sweet flavor that your kids are sure to savor. The two fruits don’t yield a lot of juice and the juice they do yield is rather thick and syrupy, so add two cucumbers to get a lot of liquid without compromising the heavenly flavor. The result is a refreshing juicy drink that is sweet enough for the whole family to enjoy. The super hydrating juice has a copious amount of antioxidants, too.

Kale Strawberry Boost

straw kale

Plenty of kale, a little celery, a bunch of strawberries, and an apple come together to bring you a healthy dose of essential nutrients, with a mildly earthy flavor. The earthiness of this juice may vary depending on how sweet your strawberries are. If the strawberries are not sweet enough to make the drink as tasty as you would like, try making it with a very sweet apple or even adding an extra apple.