Time Saving Juicing Tips

juicing-tipsEveryone wants to save time on the things they do each day. While juicing can be a great time saver in itself by creating a healthy and nutrient-packed meal in only a few minutes, there are some tips of the trade and general hits to reduce the time spent juicing, so you can spend more time enjoying it.


Prepare your produce ahead of time

Sometimes is hard to find the time to go through the full routine of washing and cutting your produce before you start juicing, and the subsequent cleanup. If you find yourself short on time, try breaking it into steps by washing and cutting the night before. Vegetables start losing nutrients after being cut, so it’s good to use them the next day or two. Store in an air tight container or zip sealed plastic bag.

Clean your juicer as soon as you’re done

Aside from making your juicer last longer, it’s a good idea to clean your juicer as soon as you’re done using it because the longer you wait, the more difficult and more time consuming it will be to clean. The juice will quickly become sticky and the pulp will gradually become compost. Eww!

Not all produce is good for juicing

Don’t let me stop you from using any and every fruit and vegetable under the sun, but some produce just doesn’t work well. Not surprisingly, bananas tend create more of a paste than a juice. I’d recommend enjoying them whole instead of juicing… or should I say “pasting” them into your glass. Also, smaller berries will make your drink a bit mushier than larger fruits. The greens of carrots contain substances which can behave like a toxin in your body, so you should avoid them.