Tomato Juices That Will Help You Use Your Summer Harvest

If you have had a healthy garden this summer, you probably have more tomatoes than you know what to do with. While canning tomatoes and making tomato sauce can help you use some up, using your tomatoes for juices will give you an even healthier alternative that will condense your tomatoes down quickly. After the juices have been made, you can not only drink them, you can use them as a base for some delicious tomato soup.

Salad in a Juice


This juice combines tomatoes, romaine, celery, carrots, red peppers, and one jalapeño for a slightly spicy drink. The juice contains all of the goodness of salad with none of the pitfalls of dressing. This is a nice and easy one to make when you have a big salad in the refrigerator that must be used within a few days. The fresh garden tomatoes will make it taste wonderful.

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