Tribest Green Star Elite Named One of the 10 Best juicers of 2016


The Tribest Green Star Elite is one example of a juicer that is higher priced, but delivers quality. The juicer can be found online for about $515 and will last for years. The juicer also comes with a staggering array of different add-ons that can be used to do everything from make baby food to juice nuts. The convenient carrying handle makes it easy to move around, but the solid and attractive body make it sleek enough to leave right out in the open whether you are using it at home or in a commercial setting.


The Tribest Green Star Elite is a stout horizontal model juicer. The body is all white with green decals, a deviation from the standard chromes and blacks. The juicer has a heavy-duty look to it that is telling of its durability.


The juicer has a continuous pulp ejection set-up that makes it convenient for making many juices at a time without having to stop and rinse parts in between. The parts and extensions are easy to take apart and put back together, although cleaning can be a hassle. The twin gears and bioceramic technology used in the design of the juicer ensure that you will get the most liquid from your produce and the most nutrition from your juice. The adjusting knob allows you to set the juicer to better handle soft fruits and vegetables.

The attachments that are included with the juicer make it possible for this to be one of very few appliances in your kitchen. Four different screens allow you to control the froth and pulp in your juice. There is an attachment that you can use to make breadsticks and rice cakes. An additional attachment can even be purchased that allows you to make pasta using your juicer.