Tribest Z Star Manual Juicer

manual juicer

The Tribest Z Star Juicer isn’t for everybody – A lot of the time, it’s convenient to have a fully electric automated juicer to do the hard work for you. But in a culture of fast-or-automated-everything, it’s nice to make room for a little bit of mindfulness and deliberation. The Tribest juicer makes that possible. Because it’s hand powered, it also boasts the versatility of being portable. Maybe your next pool party will have an outdoor juicing station without the presence of unsightly extension cords.

A Closer Look

The Z Star juicer relies solely on the power found in your arms. It’s equipped with a hand crank which turns an auger and churns your produce into delicious juice. Not only will you be fixing yourself a healthy drink, you’ll also be burning calories in the process. The juicer securely attaches to your table with the help of an included clamp. It has a screen filter that is easily removed for cleaning, and comes with a container for catching juice. The Z Star juices wheatgrass, greens and softer fruits and vegetables. It comes apart easily for cleaning. And unlike most of its electric-powered rivals, this juicer is very light in weight. It’s also fairly light on the pocketbook, and easy on the eyes.