Tropically Fresh Juice

With the warm breezes blowing, we are all beginning to think a little more tropically. This super tasty juice will satisfy your craving for something tropical while leaving you with a nice fresh minty aftertaste. This juice is has a delicate balance between sweet and tangy, and will be sure to please most palates. Even children may rally for this juice after trying it. The zing of the flavors will naturally work to awaken your senses and give you a boost, so this is a great juice for beating the afternoon doldrums. If the juice is too strong, diluting with a ¼ cup of water or blending a banana into it may help.
The anti-inflammatory properties of pineapple will also help to reduce some of the suffering that springtime allergies may bring about. Pineapple in very high is vitamin C and bromelain, and is great for improving digestive and immune health. These qualities may also help to relieve some of the various aches and pains associated with the change of seasons. Mint may be helpful for the respiratory ailments that come along with spring. The aroma from mint naturally clears congestion of the throat, lungs, and nose. If you are suffering badly from the pollen, juice the mint and take a huge whiff of the juice before juicing the other ingredients for fast relief.


  • 1 apple
  • 1 ½ cups of pineapple
  • 1 cup fresh mint leaves


  • Rinse all produce thoroughly. Let mint leaves soak in a bowl to remove all trapped dirt
  • Peel, core, and dice pineapple
  • Remove stems from apple and cut to fit in juicer. Seeds and core may be removed if desired
  • Juice mint first, then pineapple, then apple for best results
  • Mix thoroughly and serve immediately with a mint leaf for garnish
  • Enjoy!