What to Look For in a Juicer


Alright, so picking an appliance shouldn’t have to be a stressful quest for perfection, but by the same token, it’s worth putting in the research to make sure you get your purchase right the first time. Here are some questions to consider for before you put your hard-earned cash on the line.

Is it Easy to Use?

If it’s not, then ditch it. If it isn’t easy to use, you’re probably not going to use it very much – which defeats the whole purpose of having your own juicer in the first place!

Is it Efficient?

When shopping for juicers, keep an eye on the prospective yield the juicer offers. Aim to get one which catches pulp inside the machine instead of ejecting it. Machines with interior pulp catchers make much more efficient use of the fruits and veggies that you’re trying to render juice from. We’re talking about up to 30 percent more juice from a machine that catches pulp internally. This type of juicer might cost more, but think of how much more juice you’ll be getting for the same amount of produce – it’s an investment that’ll pay off in the long run.

What’s the Warranty Like?

If the juicer you’re looking at offers only a 90-day warranty, what does that tell you? Juicers of this sort are likely to be manufactured from cheap blades that will dull quickly and from easily compromised motors that will burn out before long. If manufacturers don’t show faith in a machines longevity, you shouldn’t either.