Why Should I Start Juicing?


If you have never made a juice and do not own a juicer, the idea of juicing may seem like an unnecessary hassle. Why not just eat fruits and vegetables and drink store bought juice? Well, the average person does not eat enough raw vegetables and fruits in a day. Many people do not like certain fruits and vegetables raw, and they may not have time to prepare and eat all of the daily requirements. This cycle can leave a body perpetually under-nourished. In addition, people often eat foods that are quicker and more convenient-and usually full of toxins such as preservatives. The body tries to combat these toxins, but if there are more toxins going in than the body can handle, cancers and other diseases may develop. Juice can quickly deliver a slew of helpful nutrients directly into the body. The body does not have to break down and digest juice, so the nutrients are much more quickly absorbed and used.

Store Bought versus Fresh Juice

Store bought juices are not a bad substitute in a pinch for time, as long as they are 100 percent juice with no additives or preservatives. However, these juices have often been around for a long time, so the amounts of nutrients that are present in store-bought juices have diminished with time. Freshly made juice can have a much higher nutritional content, and as an added bonus also tastes much better. Making your own juice can also be fun and helpful. If you love the taste of pears, you can mix pears with other less flavorful items that you do not like as much and receive the benefits of foods that you do not much like while just tasting pear. You can also tailor your juice towards specific goals by looking up the benefits of different fruits and vegetables and combining those foods to accomplish specific things, such as weight loss or clear skin.