Why Start Juicing?


For those that have never made a juice before, juicing can seem like a daunting, time-consuming process. With all of the juices that are available at the grocery store, it may also seem like juicing is more expensive than just buying prepared juice. Juicing fresh produce can be very easy and inexpensive if it is done right, however, and can have much more nutritional benefit than prepared juice that is bought at the store. Juice in the store also has to go through processing and have preservatives added to prevent the juice from spoiling. When juice is made fresh at home, you know exactly what has gone into it.

How to Start Juicing

The process to begin making fresh juice is simple. Just buy a juicer that suits your needs and budget, purchase some produce, and make some juice! Juicers come in many shapes, sizes, and speeds. While slow juicers are touted as the best juicers for retaining nutrition, centrifugal juicers are very fast and easy to clean. Centrifugal juicers are also much less expensive than other types of juicers, so they often make a perfect beginner juicer.

Benefits of juicing

Juicing in addition to a healthy diet can add essential nutrition. If you have specific health goals, you may be able to use juice to lose weight, clear skin, give you an energy boost, and reduce allergysymptoms. Experiment with many different flavors and do research to find your favorites. If you are not a veggie and fruit lover, juicing can also give you the added advantage of getting the nutritional benefits of fruit and vegetables without being subjected to the flavors. Regardless of diet, juicing can add nutritional benefits to nearly anyone’s life.