Will Juicing Help You Lose Weight?

juicing-weight-lossSome juicerheads set off on a juicing journey with no other goal in mind but to lose weight. While juicing may be helpful in weight loss, it should not be the single solitary reason why anyone starts juicing. Juicing solely for weight loss will likely lead to disappointment, which can compel a beginner juicerhead to quit juicing very quickly.

Juice for the Feeling

After making an earthy green juice and drinking the whole thing down, most people will notice the feeling that they get afterwards. Similar to a post-workout high, the feeling of drinking down a fresh green juice is incomparable. Think: “fountain of youth,” “superman,” and “the incredible hulk.”

Juice for the Nutritional Value

Juice can be extremely high in vitamins and nutrients if the proper ingredients are used. Using only moderate amounts of sweet ingredients, such as pineapples and pears, while going heavy on greens and other veggies will help to boost the nutritional content of any juice. Consuming a diet that is high in nutrition can aid weight loss and help juicerheads build strength and accomplish other fitness goals.

Juice as a Meal Replacement

Juice often has as many calories and as much nutrition as a meal. Juice can be very filling, so juicerheads may be able to comfortably and easily replace one meal a day with a well-rounded, nutritious juice. Replacing a meal a day with juice can aid in weight loss. While the caloric content may be similar, the nutrients in juice do not have to be broken down by the body, so they are used more quickly and stored less often.

Gear Juice Ingredients towards Weight Loss

While it is important to keep the nutritional content of juices high, some produce naturally aids in fat burning and weight loss. Peppers and spicy foods will assist with weight loss, as well as specific ingredients such as grapefruit. Weight loss will only be achieved with proper exercise habits and a good all-around diet, though, so juicerheads should bear this in mind.