Zing Berry Juice

zing-berry-juiceIf you live in the southern states, you may be able to make this juice with very fresh and delicious produce right now. As we discussed on juicerhead last week, Florida’s famous strawberries are in season. This simple and delicious juice uses only two other ingredients which are quite readily available in Florida, as well: pineapple and oranges. The flavor of this juice is sure to bring a little zing to your day, and is perfect to start the morning with.All of the ingredients in this juice are packed with vitamin C, so this juice will give you more than enough vitamin C to make it through the day. Vitamin C helps prevent damage to body cells and can destroy free radicals. Vitamin C reduces the risk of colon cancer and can reduce inflammation, helping to ease the symptoms of arthritis and asthma. The pineapple and strawberries also help to restore magnesium, a necessary electrolyte that can help prevent muscle fatigue, cramping, and soreness. All three fruits are touted to have cardiovascular benefits, as well. Since this juice is made of nothing but fruit, it is relatively high in sugar compared to other juices. However, strawberries have been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels, so this juice may not cause the spike in sugar levels than it would without strawberries. If you have blood sugar complications such as diabetes, you may want to reduce the portion size and monitor sugar levels when drinking this juice.


  • ½ lb strawberries
  • ¼ pineapple
  • 3 large oranges


  • Rinse all produce thoroughly
  • Cut off top and bottom of pineapple, and then cut off skin. Cut out center core and chop pineapple into pieces to fit in juicer.
  • Peel oranges
  • Remove tops from strawberries
  • Juice all fruit
  • Serve in a large decorative glass
  • Enjoy!